Well, it’s pretty tough to get lost around these parts.

The trail is well-marked, there are roads pretty much everywhere and lots of people stomping around in the woods near you.

In fact, it’s rare to go five minutes without coming across another hiker on the Appalachian Trail in Warwick.

But here are some tips to make you feel better if you suddenly find yourself off trail:

1) Keep calm and don’t panic.

2) Take a break and eat some food and drink some water.

3) Use your cellphone to call for help.

4) Try to retrace your steps back to the main trail.

5) If you have a map, now would be a great time to look at it.

Map of the Appalachian Trail Shelters RIGHT HERE.

6) You remembered to bring your whistle right? It may be a good time to blow on it.

7) If it’s getting dark, you may think about creating a small shelter for the night. Lean sticks up against a large rock and cover the sticks with leaves, then crawl inside.

8) If you want to build a fire, search for firewood before it gets dark, not after.

9) Stay put and don’t wander any further.

10) Keep your cellphone on and wait for help.

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