It has taken a while, but a new kiosk is almost complete where the Appalachian Trail crosses Route 17A in Warwick.

The kiosk is being constructed by Dane Sorensen, 17, of Greenwood Lake, as his Eagle Scout project. He is being assisted by his father, Bob Sorensen.

“I hike pretty regularly up there and I can remember when a house was on that property,” says Dane.

Dane is a member of Boy Scout Troop 121 of Greenwood Lake and is a senior at Warwick Valley High School.

This smaller and existing AT Kiosk is also at the top of the ridge just off Route 17A. Note the start of the blue blazed trail which leads down to the Appalachian Trail.

“When the house came down, the trail was relocated to that crossing,” Dane says. “But there wasn’t a trail marker or anything.”

“It’s been a long time coming,” says Bob. “We contacted the New York / New Jersey Trail Conference almost three years ago but there was some site work that had to be finished before we could start.”

Dane’s Eagle Scout project also had to win approval from the local Boy Scout Council.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” says Dane. “So I relied on a lot of the Boy Scout leaders, some of whom are carpenters.”

The project is expected to come in under budget with most of the costs underwritten by LLBean and administered by the New York / New Jersey Trail Conference.

The Trail Conference provided detailed construction plans for the kiosk and will also be providing informational signs which will go inside.

The Appalachian Trail crosses Route 17A in Warwick about 100 yards further up the road.

Still to come is copper sheeting to cover the ridge line of the roof and plexiglass to enclose the signage.

“Hopefully, it will be done this weekend,” says Dane.

Volunteer Work on the AT!


The New York / New Jersey Trail Conference is always looking for volunteers to help build new kiosks. Interested individuals can contact Peter Dolan at


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