Our local New York / New Jersey Trail Conference personnel and volunteers are experts at performing trail maintenance, monitoring environmental vital signs, and advocating for the Appalachian Trail.

New volunteers can apply themselves to these activities and others that advance the good work being done on the Appalachian Trail.

About the New York / New Jersey Trail Conference

Local hikers and groups can give back by offering their services as volunteers. These volunteers typically come from civic groups, families, schools, corporations, faith-based organizations, youth groups and as individuals.

+ Schools: Public, private, and home schools can all benefit from in service-learning opportunities. It is often a component of Trail to Every Classroom (TTEC) curriculum, and many A.T. Communities have teachers who have participated in the TTEC program. Schools in some districts require volunteerism as a component for graduation so volunteering is a perfect way to obtain that pre-requisite.

+ Colleges and Universities: Many colleges and universities offer alternate spring break volunteer opportunities whereby they coordinate to perform trail maintenance. Several A.T. clubs already host college students in the spring. Such institutions add to the roster of activities for students to participate in for national day-of-service activities.

+ Families: The ATC recently developed a program for engaging families as volunteers as a means to promote quality time and advance involvement of multi-generational volunteers at events.

+ Civic and Service Clubs: These volunteers are frequently giving back to their communities and may welcome the opportunity to serve in a new capacity to protect the Appalachian Trail. Their experience coordinating and participating in service activities should facilitate a smooth transition to A.T. volunteerism. T

+ Faith-based organizations: Churches, synagogues and mosques frequently encourage members to give back to their community, and these organizations frequently have youth groups that are active in volunteering for the AT.

+ Youth groups: Non-school based, organized youth groups also getting into volunteering for the AT. These groups include scouts, 4-H, or after school programs. With adequate adult leadership these groups apply their energy and enthusiasm to the Trail.

+ Young Adults (18-30): These volunteers will appreciate working in teams and seek the social opportunity to meet new people as much as to give back. They rely heavily on technology to schedule volunteer participation and communicate.

+ Corporate Volunteers: These volunteers are coordinated from within their workplace. Employers mobilize and coordinate the volunteers in conjunction with an A.T. club or ATC to ensure volunteers know what to expect. Their participation may serve company motivations to engage in their community, highlight the importance of employee health, or team building.

Volunteer To Work on the AT!

(Source: Appalachian Trail Conservancy)


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