In conjunction with the 150th Anniversary of Warwick, N.Y. the town invited the Mayor of Warwick, England to attend the festivities on the weekend of August 2-6, 2017. Mayor Stephen Cross and his wife Christine, (who was the mayoress of Warwick, England the year before her husband) attended several parties and concerts, were in attendance when the time capsule was unveiled and were guests of honor at the Sesquicentennial parade and fireworks display.

And when they had a few hours of leisure time on their hands, the couple wanted to experience the great outdoors, specifically our section of the Appalachian Trail. So was asked to give them a guided tour of the AT.

From left, Christine Cross, Dave Eaton, John DeSanto and Stephen Cross, the mayor of Warwick, England, at Eastern Pinnacles along the Appalachian Trail.

John DeSanto, of, met Cross and his wife at the unveiling of the time capsule on Saturday morning and with Dave and Robin Eaton providing car service, headed up to the Appalachian Trail near Bellvale Creamery.

After photos were snapped by Roger Gavan, of the Warwick Advertiser, the group hiked out to Eastern Pinnacles on a slightly overcast day. Cross told stories of hiking in England and how similar the scenery was to Warwick, N.Y.

Cross has written two books on “rambling” around the English countryside and is a regular walker, usually covering 8 miles per day.

The group spent about five minutes taking in the views from the rock outcrops and drinking water before hiking 45 minutes back to the trailhead along Route 17A.

After that it was a quick trip to the Bellvale Creamery for a sampling of good old American ice cream before other, more pressing, activities required the Cross’ to return to the village.

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